Property Styling

Unique styling to connect with potential buyers

We understand and respect that your home or investment property is one of the biggest assets you will ever own.

We are firm believers that the generic ‘one look fits all’ approach just doesn’t work, and to assume people can’t tell the difference is wrong. Neither do we think that ‘near enough is good enough.’ We want to create for each and every one of our clients a look and feel that is nothing short of ‘wow.’

One of the wonderful things about Hobart is the very diverse range and style of homes and we relish the opportunity to bring out every property’s unique qualities and charm.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of our styling, with special touches like fresh flowers, beautiful books, custom made furniture, handmade cushions and wonderful original artworks.

We’re all about creating a sense of ‘home’ that helps buyers envisage themselves living there.

Our Clients

As property developers we understand the importance, and the impact Property Styling has when it comes to attracting the right buyer and, or course achieving a great price.

For us there is no one better to take on this task than Meg and Alex from Home Plus Style.

Jackie & Peter Geale

I had thought I would have to make decisions about what I wanted and where but Meg and Alex made it all so easy by showing me they knew the market for our house and how best to configure it for that market.

KateSouth Hobart

We were equally excited and very thankful for your beautiful design, eye for detail and continuity of style throughout the house.

Judy & GeoffSandy Bay

This was a vacant home, which was potentially going to be a challenge to market –
but I have to say you completely transformed it. Your communication both with us
and directly with the Vendor was exceptional, and you delivered both on time and on budget.

E BennettSandy Bay

Your choice of furnishings and colours was very successful, even the vendor
family members were impressed to see their former home reborn so simply!
And to be greeted by the fragrance of fresh cut flowers before each
open home showing, lifted my spirits too.

Jim Playstead